How Much Do You Know About Home Medical Devices?

What is home medical equipment?

Household medical equipment is mainly suitable for home use. It is different from medical equipment used in hospitals. Its main features are simple operation, small size, and convenient portability.

Classification of home medical equipment

Home medical equipment is mainly divided into home health equipment, massage products, home medical rehabilitation equipment, and home care equipment.

1. Household health care equipment

Sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters, electronic thermometers, multifunctional therapeutic instruments, etc.

2. Home health massage products

Electric massage chairs/beds, massage pillows, foot baths, slimming belts, massage chairs, beauty massagers, etc.

3. Home medical rehabilitation equipment

Cervical spine therapy instrument, traction chair, functional bed, household oxygen generator, doctor, hearing aid, etc.

4. Home care equipment

Women's pregnancy and baby care products, family first-aid kits, bed-ridden toilets, etc.

How to properly store and maintain the home medical device?

Generally speaking, medical device instructions are marked with product storage, maintenance, and maintenance methods, and special instructions are also given for medical devices with special storage conditions or methods. As long as the instructions do it, the medical device can be properly stored and maintained.

In addition, the following issues should be paid attention to when storing medical devices at home:

1. For medical devices with a useful life, pay attention to using them within the useful life.

2. Pay attention to whether the packaging is sterile. For medical devices with sterile packaging, pay special attention not to damage the packaging. If the packaging is damaged, do not use it again.

3. Do not reuse disposable instruments.